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Unlocking Innovation — Advancing the Water Industry

The Power of Productive Collaboration: Gaining and Sharing Water Industry Knowledge

A Forum for Water Leaders to Share, Listen and Learn

To confront today’s most vexing water issues, sharing among diverse groups of experts and stakeholders is vital. Black & Veatch created as a dynamic forum to share information, experience and feedback.

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Tackling Economic Pressures in Tough Times

How do we adapt and lead in these difficult times? At major water/wastewater industry events in 2010 and 2011, Black & Veatch organized stimulating roundtable discussions to explore the challenges.

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How can we Change Public Perceptions on Water Reuse?

Global Roundtable events involving more than 75 water industry leaders uncovered the issues, answers and approaches needed to make recycled water an accepted component of tomorrow’s integrated water portfolios. Check out the white paper linked below.

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